Luminessence........ This word means to shine from within. We believe that beauty is not just the exterior shell but that it is a combination or the result of how we feel inside, how we nourish our minds, feed our bodies, connect with the world around us, care for our planet and our environment and share with those who are less fortunate. We believe that interior beauty reflects on the body and that the eyes and face always mirror our state of mind.

Luminessence products reflect our beliefs and philosophy. We do not need to use synthetic materials when nature is so bountiful and has such an endless variety of plants and fruits that can be used to cure body ailments and skin problems. We use plant extracts and oils that are certified organic, whenever available. We do not use mineral oil or other petroleum-derived ingredients. We do not do any testing on animals nor do we approve such practices. The preservative we use does not contain parabens that can cause long term health issues nor does it release formaldehyde in the environment. The containers we use are airless pumps because we wish to minimize the risk of contamination from our fingers. They are recyclable – the fewer footprints we leave on this planet, the better it is for everybody. We do not use any synthetic fragrance; we only use 100% pure essential oils.

We use natural ingredients that are known for the properties they provide to keep skin healthy and beautiful. However, we think that to remain young looking is not just a matter of taking care of our skins. Keeping a healthy diet, doing regular exercises, breathing fresh unpolluted air, remaining curious and creative, all contribute to the way we look.